"to do that which it is right to do. . . "

The mission of Scottish Rite Freemasons is "to improve it's members and enhance the communities in which they live
by teaching and emulating the principles of brotherly love, tolerance, charity and truth, while actively embracing high social, moral and spiritual values, including fellowship, compassion and dedication to God, family and country.
" This is summed up by the Scottish Rite philosopher and writer Albert Pike who said that Scottish Rite Masons' duty is "to do that which it is right to do."

That's why RiteCare Speech and Language Clinics were started more than 50 years ago in Colorado - to make sure children received the care they needed to succeed in life.

If you are interested in learning more about RiteCare Speech and Language Clinics in Nebraska or supporting our cause, please reach out to us.

To get a child in for a speech and language assessment at the RiteCare Clinic, please call Amy Nordness, Ph.D., at the UNMC Munroe-Meyer Institute at (402) 559-6651.


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