Our Clinicians

Our RiteCare therapists have received Master's degrees in Speech-Language Therapy and the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) Certificate of Clinical Competence for Speech-Language Pathologists (CCC-SLP). This is the internationally recognized credential for speech-language pathologists. The demanding journey to achieve this voluntary certification (which includes undergoing a rigorous academic program and supervised clinical experience, passing a national exam, and completing an internship) helps ensure that professionals who provide clinical services in speech-language pathology receive the highest quality preparation and training and engage in continuous education in professional development activities to stay current in the field.


Amy Nordness, Ph.D

I joined the RiteCare Clinic this January as the new Director.  I received my Bachelor’s degree from Marquette University and my Masters and Ph.D. from University of Nebraska at Lincoln.  I worked three different roles at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital including a pediatric SLP, Pediatric Program Manager, and Director of the Speech Department. I also taught and supervised students at Western Illinois University for 4 years. I worked at Munroe-Meyer Institute for 2 years in the past and am thrilled to return as the Director of Speech-Language Pathology. I specialize in motor speech disorders and augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) across the age span.  I enjoy working with children with pediatric feeding disorders, childhood apraxia of speech and helping individuals of all ages gain independence in their communication using AAC. I am interested in expanding our expertise and developing a clinical research program. My husband, Phil, is a professor at UNO and we have 2 kids, Sydney and Bergen.

In March, 2018, Dr. Amy Nordness was named the first Scottish Rite Professor of Speech-Language Pathology at UNMC. This endowed Professorship, donated by Nebraska's Scottish Rite Masons, recognizes Dr. Nordness' exceptional achievements. Read about the announcement here.

Paul Laikko, M.A., CCC-SLP

Paul Laikko-0098.jpg

In 1988 the Scottish Rite Clinic at Munroe-Meyer Institute was dormant but with the help of the leadership of the Scottish Rite, Dr. Bruce Buehler and Marsha Sullivan,  the RiteCare Clinic was re-established bringing in Paul Laikko as therapist.  The mission of the Scottish Rite clinic and the Munroe-Meyer Institute at that time was to build working relationships with the community schools and it became clear that there was a need for expert support of school therapists in areas that required specialized training.  Paul brought experience not only in speech and language disorders, but also in helping infants and children with feeding and swallowing problems.   After 25+ years he has continued to focus on these areas providing support to the children, their families and schools in planning and coordinating intervention for children with difficult cases in Omaha and across the state.    In addition to enjoying 8 grandchildren, Paul and his wife volunteer with Homeward Bound of the Heartland Animal Rescue group fostering cats. (So if you are looking for a cat - you now know where you can call.)

Beth Hughes, M.S., CCC-SLP

Beth Hughes-photo2016.jpg

I have been fortunate to work at the RiteCare Clinic for almost 9 years.  I provide therapy in individual sessions, the preschool program, and provide Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) evaluations.  Providing a way for individuals who are non-verbal with a way to communicate is the best part of my job!  I am interested in expanding RiteCare services to include additional support for clients using AAC devices outside of the clinic setting.  When I’m not at work, my husband, Chris, and I try our best to keep up with our kids - Kit, Levi and Jane.   

Korey Stading, M.S., CCC-SLP

Korey Stading photo-1464.jpg

Korey Stading has worked in the RiteCare Clinic in Omaha for more than 18 years. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and her Master’s degree from Texas Christian University. She enjoys working in the preschool program and providing literacy intervention to children with Down Syndrome. She is an expert in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and continues to learn new technologies and communication devices as they become available.

Korey regularly participates in research studies, some of which have focused on AAC use in childhood apraxia of speech and eye gaze access to AAC devices in children. Currently she is conducting a study looking at the benefits of AAC in early intervention with young children with Down Syndrome. She is eager to learn and identify ways to best serve the children seen in the clinic.

Leslie Van Winkle, M.A., CCC-SLP

Leslie VanWinkle-head shot 2.jpg

I am the newest member of the RiteCare team in Omaha. I have spent the last year here at MMI learning more than I could have ever imagined in the two areas I love most: autism and AAC (alternative and augmentative communication). I have had the opportunity to collaborate on a more regular basis with the Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders and am constantly energized by all the ways we can better serve children! I am enjoying learning from other fields and plan to take courses specific to applied behavior analysis (ABA) for children with autism in the fall. In March I attended an all-day workshop about speech intervention for children with autism, and in August I will be attending a 4-day autism conference at Penn State University. I look forward to learning even more about my interest areas and am so thankful for the opportunity to serve children as a RiteCare clinician!

Holly Schlautman, M.S., CCC-SLP

I earned my Bachelor of Science Degree and my Master of Science degree in Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and am proud to return to the University as a Husker alum. At the Barkley Memorial Center where our Lincoln RiteCare Clinic is located, I hope to provide early intervention therapy opportunities for speech pathology undergraduates in the clinic setting.

I began working for Lincoln Public Schools in 2013 within the Early Childhood Preschool Program. There my clinical experiences included providing speech-language therapy for 3 to 5-year olds, being a member of the screening and evaluation teams, and coaching classroom teachers and families at several schools across the district. I have provided therapy for children with a broad range of communication disorders, but my greatest interests are in childhood apraxia of speech, phonological disorders, and stuttering in early childhood. I look forward to developing new ways to help our clinic’s young children and families become more successful with their communication!

I live in Lincoln with my husband Isaac. We just bought a house and spend a lot of our weekends with remodeling projects. I also love to travel. This summer we took a trip to Canada where we had fun hiking mountains and went paragliding!


Teagan Dinslage, M.S., CCC-SLP

Teagan Dinslage-0669.jpg

I began working with Holly at the RiteCare clinic in Lincoln in the Fall of 2018 after three years providing speech-language services to Lincoln children and families through the public schools. My passion is providing therapy for young children because of the huge impact early intervention can have. It also happens to be a ton of fun! A lot of my focus is on early detection and support for children at risk of language delays and those showing signs of severe motor speech or phonological disorders. We also work hard at the Lincoln clinic to provide peer-based learning experiences with Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Preschool and Skilled Play Therapy Groups. I have seen children learn so much from one another, and these groups give them an opportunity to take the language skills they’ve practiced in individual therapy to the next level, using them in play with new friends.

Outside of my SLP life, my husband Scott and I own and operate a dog boarding kennel and spoil our own three rescued animals – Rudy a mutt, Tori a yorkie, and Kessa the sassy tortoiseshell cat.

Jeena Kouris, M.S., CCC-SLP

Jeena Kouris-0745(1).jpg

I’m ecstatic to have been offered my dream job here at the UNMC Munroe-Meyer Institute (MMI) as an outpatient, pediatric speech-language pathologist and newest member of the RiteCare team in Omaha! MMI and RiteCare have been, and continue to be, a profound influence on my professional development. Thus, I am honored to be included in a team dedicated to promoting research, expanding patient care, and enhancing education.

Prior to obtaining my Master of Science degree from the University of Nebraska-Omaha, I was employed as a registered behavior technician at the Munroe-Meyer Institute’s Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders. There, I worked in the early intervention unit, and discovered my passion for teaching children with autism how to communicate.

In addition to my employment as a registered behavior technician, I completed externships through RiteCare’s pre-school program and MMI’s Autism Diagnostic Clinic. It was during these externships that the RiteCare team’s expertise and commitment to serving individuals and families within the community became largely evident.

With the positive influence and ample opportunity provided through MMI and RiteCare, I look forward to developing my expertise in the areas of autism spectrum disorder and collaboration across disciplines. I am grateful to be a part of RiteCare, and excited to see what the future holds for our team!


Denise Wolfe, M.S., CCC-SLP


In August, 2017, I started my new job as the RiteCare Clinical Supervisor at the University of Nebraska-Kearney. I’m so excited to be part of the Nebraska RiteCare family. I received my Bachelor of Science Degree from Kearney State College, and my Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Nebraska-Kearney. It feels good to be “home” and continuing my career as a supervisor and mentor to graduate students.

My areas of interest include deaf education, early intervention, and technology integration. I previously worked in the public schools and was a member of the Early Development Team, Assistive Technology Team, served as a consultant for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing program, and I’m a Hanen-certified It “Takes Two to Talk” instructor. I have enjoyed the opportunities to present at an Apple Accessibility Conference, the Association of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Educators, Nebraska Education Technology Conference, and the National Autism Conference. I’m also a proud member of the American Speech Language and Hearing Association and the Nebraska Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

My husband, Brad, is a middle school principal in Grand Island and we have two children. Lexi is a junior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln majoring in speech/language pathology and Carson is a 7th grader at Westridge Middle School.

Oh, I also can’t forget our furbaby dog, Bentley.